Website Design

We all have experienced it. Walk into a new restaurant, and you immediately form an opinion based on the look and cleanliness and on the professionalism of the reception staff. First impressions are important to the remainder of your dining experience and whether or not you will return for a second experience.

Just like the look of your front office or storefront can reflect on your professionalism, your website landing pages will reflect on your professionalism and the quality of your products and services. And as the front reception staff can directly reflect on your business, the content and functionality of your landing pages also needs to be user-friendly and always up-to-date.





Whether your guests arrive on your website using a smartphone, a tablet, or a 32-inch monitor, our responsive designs ensure your visitors are provided with an optimal and enjoyable viewing experience. The Kean Group responsive design functionality automatically re-sizes and formats the content and look-and-feel depending on the device being used.




The Kean Group partners with you with building and improving your relationships with your guests by continually improving your website. On important landing pages, we use tools such as A/B Tests and Heat Maps to make the changes necessary to improve Customer interaction and call-to-action.