Domain Name Registration

At Brevis Internet Technologies, we recognize that domain names are important assets of your business or other use. We offer Domain Name Registration services for those clients who choose not to perform these services on their own or simply want a webmaster to manage their domain names for them.

Never forget to renew your domain!

Even large companies have sometimes accidentally let their domains expire. Ouch! When we handle your domains for you, you never have to worry about lost passwords, how to make changes when necessary, or even to remember when it’s time to renew. Our Domain Name Registration services include domain name registration, domain name registration renewals, and nameserver maintenance.

We also help research and acquire domain names beyond just your website name, such as domain names for landing pages or feeder sites.

You always own your domain name

Our policy is very simple. If we register a domain name for a client, that domain name is the property of that client and will be transferred to that client, or to another Domain Name Registrar at the request of our client.

Feeder sites?

Want more information on acquiring your main domain name or information on how addition names can help your business grow? Call us today for a no-obligation / no-cost consultation. We’ll be glad to come out and visit you to discuss the your needs. (Site visit only for Domain Name Registration services in Bremerton, the Kitsap Peninsula, or the Tacoma/Olympia area. All other areas in the world – please, let’s just talk on the phone!)